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All children are entitled to a free school meal.

Our school meals are provided by ‘Wilson Jones’, you will receive a menu from them each term and you will need to choose in advance what your child would like to eat. You will have a choice of meat, fish, vegetarian or halal. Meals must be ordered in advance for admin and preparation purposes, should you not return your child’s choices by the cut off day - Wednesday prior to the week being ordered for - you will need to provide your child with a packed lunch as the school cannot provide meals that have not been ordered.

When your child starts school at Springwell, you will be required to note any food allergies.

It is your responsibility to inform the school office of any changes to dietary requirements.

Children are supported by lunchtime supervisors, teaching assistants and teachers to help them to learn the routine of choosing and carrying their food. It is recommended that prior to your child starting school; you help them to use a knife and fork and begin to develop their independence around eating.

Should you and your child wish, they may bring a packed lunch. We are a healthy school; therefore, this should be reflected in your choice of packed lunch food.

Here is our current lunch menu:

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