School Lunches 

Our school meals provider is Wilson Jones.
School meals are cooked on site from our carefully planned menus. We aim to cater for all cuisines and also accommodate any allergies that children might have.

The school menu offers a variety of meat, vegetarian and halal options, with a salad bar, fresh bread, fresh fruit and a healthy pudding. Water is always available. Children are encouraged to eat a balanced meal and take up the option for school dinner instead of a cold packed lunch.

All children are currently entitled to a free school meal under the London Universal Free School Meals scheme meal bookings are done via the ParentPay website

Some families may be entitled to additionl financial support because of a low income, it is important that you apply for the additionl financial support if you think you are eligible as this entitles your child to benefits such as free school milk after their fifth birthday, reduction in the cost of school trips, Holiday activities (HAF) and Grocery Vouchers during the school holidays.



Springwell School uses ParentPay for meal bookings this is done via the ParentPay website if you do not have login these can be provided directly from the school admin officers. Meal bookings close at 10 p.m. Wednesday for the following week. Meals can be booked up to 12 weeks in advance. Refunds for other school items will be looked at on a case-by-case basis.

School Lunch Menu



springwell menu summer 2023.pdf


springwell lunch menu autumn spring 2023 2024.pdf


Packed Lunches

At Springwell School we encourage our children to eat healthy and have a good balanced diet. We would ask parents to refrain from including any fizzy drinks, sweets or chocolate in their child’s packed lunch. We would suggest the following items to be, where possible, included in the child’s lunch box:

• A piece of fruit or vegetable
• Non dairy source of protein – meat, fish, egg, beans or pulses
• Starchy food – like bread, pasta, chapatti, wrap or rice
• Dairy product – such as yoghurt, cheese and milk
• Drinks – water, fruit juice or smoothie

Please do not include nuts of any type, including sesame seeds or nut containing products such as peanut butter, Nutella in sandwiches, cereal bars containing nuts etc. This is can cause a serious health implications to a high number of children who have severe allergies within the school.
Also ensure grapes, cherry tomatoes or any similar fruit are cut in half length-ways to minimise the risk of your child choking.

Lunch Ideas

Please see below useful links for lunch recipe ideas which you might find useful