Vision and Values  

Our School Moto: Aspire... Create... Achieve

Our School Values, the characteristics we value and instil:

Equality   Integrity   Acceptance    Kindness    and   Ambition

Springwell School is a diverse, vibrant community where every child's social, cultural, religious or ethnic background is valued equally.

Our goal is to create a culture of learning and mutual respect that enables pupils to develop into confident, independent learners who are considerate, outward-looking citizens ready to embrace the challenges of modern life.

We have the highest expectations of our children because we believe they all have the potential to achieve great things. We know that our pupils are highly motivated and learn best when they face a wide range of challenges armed with resilience and perseverance.

We ensure our pupils have the skills to solve problems, create original ideas and explore various possibilities. Through connecting past and present learning, applying to new situations and making connections to understand.  We aim to deepen their thinking and enhance social skills such as empathy, respect and teamwork to understand their place in the world. We encourage them to reflect on their learning and that of their peers in order to recognise and celebrate successes, and learn from mistakes. We provide opportunities for children to take on responsibilities and leadership in class and across the school to encourage a community spirit, and we ensure that their experiences inside and outside the classroom go beyond National Curriculum requirements.

 Through building resilience, feeding creativity and promoting co-operation we enable our children to continually achieve whilst ensuring we laugh, have fun and celebrate together.

Our vision and values are at the core of everything we do. They underpin our teaching, learning and providing an environment in which our children thrive, love learning and embrace the next steps in their lives.


We promote ASPIRATION through

believing that every child can succeed whatever their starting point
creating a culture where learners can make mistakes without the fear of failure
enabling children to produce original and beautiful work in every subject


We promote CREATIVITY through

teaching that excites children’s passions and curiosity
encouraging children to take risks and explore the world around them
valuing creativity in all subjects


We promote ACHIEVEMENT through

striving for all children to do better than their best
showing children what success looks like and how they can get there
recognising and celebrating success in all areas